Stirred up a lot of controversy on a golf tour last week by my use of plumb-bobbing which I reinforced with this cartoon I did a few years ago for a friend. It was a pity my own putting was not a better advertisement for the effectiveness of the method...

plum bobbing.png

One of the company was a serious scientist and I got this long response with four pages explaining why it couldn’t possibly work…..

paper 1.png
paper 2.png

But luckily my scientific nephew Tom was staying –and he brilliantly and empirically proved plumb-bobbing does work! You need a putting mat, putter, ball, any book and two people...   

He got me to line up on a putting mat so that I had the flat straight putt absolutely in my sights, and then – without me moving in any way - he put a book under one side of the mat to create the borrow – and lo and behold, the hole appeared to the left of the shaft just as it should!

Gus Shaw Stewart